The Cape May County Technical School District offers the TASC test as a high school equivalency exam approved by the United States Department of Education and the NJ State Board of Education. The TASC is aligned to federal Career and College Readiness Standards and designed to measure skills and concepts associated with four years of regular high school instruction. Each test is developed by adult and secondary educators and subject matter specialists. Each of the tests corresponds to the general framework of most high school curricula: writing skills, social studies, science, interpreting literature and the arts, and mathematics.

TASC test covers five subject areas:
• Reading
• Writing
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies

What is a High School Equivalency?
According to the United States Department of Education, high school equivalency tests help individuals 16 years of age or older who are not currently enrolled in school “to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma and, subsequently, to gain employment or begin postsecondary education or training.” Such individuals may include:
• Those who found that traditional high school settings do not accommodate their needs
• Those who decided to drop out of high school
• Migratory workers (or children of such workers)

HSE Testing at The Cape May County Technical School District
Online Registration for Initial and Retest Examinees

All candidates must follow these steps in order to take a TASC Test at the Cape May County Technical School District:

1. Go to this website to create an account: TASC Test

You will be assigned a UUID which you MUST have with you on your test date in order to log into the test. The State of NJ will request your UUID if you ever need a copy of your credentials, so this identifier should be recorded and available if needed. Our testing center cannot access your UUID. 

2. Once you have a UUID, you may register for either an Initial Test or a Retest using the options at this link.


Testing Center Procedures

  • Testing fees are as follows: $92.00 for initial testing (all five subject areas), $10.00 for two retests per subject, $20.40 for all additional retests. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If an examinee does not attend a testing session, the money will be ceded to The Cape May County Technical School District.

  • Examinees must abide by all school and test regulations. Failure to follow testing center rules will prompt immediate dismissal from the testing center, voiding any parts of the test already taken and forfeiting all test fees.

  • No late entry into the testing room will be granted. All fees will be forfeited.

  • Any individual aged 16 or 17 and currently not enrolled in a public/private high school MUST have a parent or guardian present on the day of testing. Each person must present 2 forms of state issued identification. Minors will not be admitted into the testing room without a parent or guardian on site.

  • No electronic devices, no food, no drinks, no hats/hoods, will be permitted into the testing room.

Eligibility for High School Equivalency Testing

  • You must be a resident of New Jersey

  • You must be at least 16* years old and officially withdrawn from school

  • You have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma

Special Accomodations - HS Equivalency Test
Qualified candidates may access the following online resources to download accommodation forms:
Accommodation Request Form

Forms for High School Equivalency Testing
Parent/Guardian Consent Form
Certification of Non Enrollment in School
Interstate Testing Request Form

Bring on Test Day:

  • *No cash or checks accepted*
  • UUID
  • Two forms of ID
    1. Photo ID (can be any of the following) NJ Driver’s license/ driving permit/state or county issued ID/recent NJ school ID/passport*
    2. Social Security Card or Taxpayer ID Card or Social Insurance Card

  • If you are showing a US and foreign passport, you must also provide proof of NJ residency
  • Proof of NJ Residency: Lease/Rent agreement, utility bill, bank statement, property tax receipt, federal income tax return. Documents must be current and display the applicant’s full name and NJ address

Additional information regarding  - Acceptable Forms of Identification

Testing Fees
Initial Test (all five subjects) - $92.00*
First Two Retests for Any Single Subject (each test) - $10.00
Additional Retests: $20.40
*ALL TESTING FEES MUST BE PAID ONLINE. Personal checks/cash are not accepted.

*The initial test fee of $92.00 also includes two retests per subject at a reduced rate of $10.00 per test to cover test administration costs if used within one year.
*Examinees must wait 6 months to retest any single subject

CMCTS Adult & Continuing Education Office, Room # 145
188 Crest Haven Road, Cape May Ct. Hse., NJ 08210
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Access To Official Records and Official Transcript
*All transcripts and records can be accessed through the State of New Jersey Department of Education’s Adult Education Office at this link. The Cape May County Technical School District does not have access to any examinee’s official documentation.