Name Department Email
Jennifer Agostini Media Center
Alicia Arnold Adult/Continuing Education Office
Andrea Burger High School Office
Joe Cascia High School Guidance Counselor
Paul Cicchini School Psychologist
Stephanie Fisher Office of Curriculum & Instruction
KC Fister Secretary to the Superintendent
Anne Gibboni Building & Grounds Office
Michelle Gray Administration Office
Rita King High School Guidance Counselor
Ellen Klein Administration Office
Mike Matthews District Data Manager
Margaret McAteer Adult/Continuing Education Office
Sarantos Nikolaidis IT Technician
Jean Reagan Administration Office
Kathy Rickards Adult/Continuing Education Office
Elizabeth Satterfield ABE/GED/ESL Office
Michele Seigel Secretary to the Principal
Lori Sockriter Guidance Office
Diane Stelacio ETTC Center
Julie Stratton ETTC Center
Debbie Valletto Admissions/Alumni/Advancement Coordinator
Mary Ellen Waddell ABE/GED/ESL Civics Teacher
Bianca Woodland Adminstration Office
Renee Yahara Guidance Office
Lynda Zipparo School Nurse


Name Department Email
Joshua Andrewson Agriscience
Frank Basile Physical Education
Chelsey Barber English
David Billig Exploratory
Susan Bishop Special Education
Pam Branco Early Childhood Development Center
Joseph Bresan Mathematics
Stephanie Capone Culinary Aide
Jill Chin-Kozakowski Exploratory
Catherine Clark Practical Nursing Instructor
John Dennison Automotive Mechanics
Julie DeRose Practical Nursing Instructor
Candida Ditzler Dental Assisting
Jerry D'Antonio English
Katy DeNavas Foreign Language
Emily Dougan Science
Brian Dudley Physical Education
Nancy Embs Exploratory
Stacy Evans Mathematics
Mikhail Fishman Mathematics
Jason Godfrey English
Brian Halsey English
Jon Harris Physical Education
Jackie Holland High School Cosmetology
Edward Janda Exploratory
Thomas Jackson Welding
Lauren Johnson Teacher Aide
Robert Johnston Pastry & Baking
Susan Jurusz Exploratory
Diane Kashuda English
James Kay Construction
Barry Kopf Social Studies
George Kuykendall Computer Technology
Sharon Lee Kustra Foreign Langauge
William Ladd Social Studies
Young Lee Mathematics
Edward Leszczynski Business & Marketing
Andrew Ludwig Special Education
Matthew McElroy Social Studies
Maria McGreevy Foreign Language
Craig Migliaccio HVAC/Sustainable Energy
Dave Masterson Culinary Arts
Jim McKinley Science
Joshua Mercado Social Studies
Kirsten Miller Physical Education
Lisa Nelson Science
Jonathan Niemira Entertainment Production Tech
Liz Pastore Adult Cosmetology
Saundra Pickens Dental Assisting
Bruce Pierpont Mathematics
Matt Pleasants Law & Public Safety
Carlos Pruna Mathematics
Kathy Purdy Physical Education
Monica Reider English
Lisa Roach Exploratory
Virginia Roma Physical Education
Tom Seymour Science
Jill Shustock Special Education
Christian Sickerott Diesel Mechanics
Jennifer Siciliano Travel & Tourism
Tracey Skiles Allied Medical
Karen Smith Teacher Aide
Suzanne Sykes Commercial Art & Design
Gina Tack Social Studies
Daniel Takayama Science
Hanna Toft Natural Science
Haley Tomlin Teacher Aide
Jason Vilimas Social Studies
MaryAnne Vitale Special Education
Warren Wade Commercial Foods Production
Patricia Ward Early Childhood Development
Micah Wenker Pre-Engineering Tech
Bryan Weigly Science
Nicole Zajack Exploratory
Ann Zilinek Practical Nursing
Diane Zimmerman Exploratory