Teacher - Christopher Kane
Email:  ckane@capemaytech.com
Phone:  (609) 380-0200 x348

Masonry Technology is a component of the construction technology cluster that includes Carpentry/ Construction and H/C/P/E.

The three-year program prepares students for entry-level jobs in masonry and brick and block construction. The first year covers safety issues of basic construction, shop measurement, fundamentals of concrete block, decorative brick and stone work and poured concrete work. The second year builds on those skills and expands into broader aspects of construction including the use of specific measuring devices such as the transit, the level and related math computations for ordering materials and construction estimating.

During the third year, students focus on the skills needed to be a pre-apprenticeship craftsperson, entrance into the construction unions and the financial management of a business related to masonry and landscaping using paving materials.