New Jersey Survey of District Staff Evaluations

School Year 2009-2010

The Cape May County Technical High School utilizes a Board approved Classroom Observation Tool. As a career focused public high school of choice our tool includes academics and references to career/technical education. The major sections of the instrument are: Physical Environment, Planning and Preparation, Presentation of Lesson, and Instructional Methodologies. Each of these topics has at least 5-14 subsections and an area for comments and supporting data. The Observation Tool also includes summary comments, commendations, and recommendations.

Each certificated staff member also has an annual summary evaluation report. The summative evaluation includes the following sections of Performance Areas: Instructional Process, Interpersonal Relationships, and Professional Responsibilities. Each area has 3-9 subsections. This summative evaluation also has a summary section for recommendations and recommendation follow-through. Each staff member also provides documentation of ongoing professional development for his/her Professional Growth Plan formerly referred to as the Professional Improvement Plan.

In closing, the District used the New Jersey Department of Education's Professional Standards for Teachers and the Professional Development Standards for New Jersey Educators as a reference for our evaluation system and ongoing professional development.

Teacher Evaluations

  • Number of High School Teachers 65
  • Number of Teachers who met the criteria for acceptable performance 65
  • Number of Teachers who did not meet the criteria for acceptable performance 0

Principal Evaluations

  • Principal Evaluations will not be displayed in accordance with the New Jersey State policy since the Cape May County Technical High School has less than 10 principals.

The Cape May County Technical High School utilizes a Board approved Evaluation of Performance Responsibilities for the principals and administrators. There is a check list section that covers each component of the job description in addition to narrative sections that include recommendations, commendations and any other summary comments deemed appropriate for ongoing professional development. This evaluation process is also aligned to the administrators’ professional growth plans.