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Our Adult Evening High School Program provides New Jersey residents, 17 years of age or older and no longer enrolled in school, an opportunity to complete the necessary course credits (minimum of 120) and graduation testing requirements leading to a Cape May County Technical High School diploma. A $25.00 registration fee is charged but tuition is not charged.

This program is in session from September to June in a two-semester format (September through December and January through May). Students must enroll by October 15 to attend the first semester and between January 1 and February 28th to begin attendance in the second semester. Adult High School classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM with three periods each night (6:00-6:40, 6:40-7:20, and 7:20-8:00). Class scheduling options may be reduced based on student enrollment.

Full-time students, those taking at least 15 credits a semester, are generally scheduled for two nights to take maximum advantage of program offerings. When students need less than 15 credits to complete the diploma requirements they are considered part-time and may be scheduled for only one night if the required classes are available on the same night. Students must take a minimum of 10 credits through the Cape May County Technical Adult High School to be eligible for a diploma.

The Adult Evening High School also offers a senior-standing credit program for senior students enrolled in any Cape May County high school. This program is for senior students that need additional credits to graduate on schedule. Eligible senior students may apply through their home school guidance department to enroll in one or two courses (up to 10 credits) in order to meet graduation requirements. The sending high school will be responsible for any New Jersey State mandated course/graduation testing requirements and for any approved special education services required as per an IEP or 504 plan.

A $25.00 registration fee is charged but tuition is not charged. Senior standing students must meet individual course completion requirements and Adult High School attendance requirements for any credit award. Senior-standing students are scheduled to attend from November through May. If course requirements are completed before May, credit will be awarded and attendance is no longer required.

Admission Policy

Potential Adult High School students are required to be New Jersey residents, at least 17 years of age and no longer enrolled in any other high school. Seventeen year old students must have a Certificate of Consent to participate, signed by the parent/guardian before the enrollment application can be processed. Students that will be 17 years of age by October 15th of the current school year may enroll for classes, which start mid-September.