All candidates must follow these steps in order to take a TASC test

Step 1.

Go to this website to create an account: TASC Test Website

You will be assigned a UUID which is important to keep for the future The State of NJ will request your UUID if you ever need a copy of your credentials, so this identifier should be recorded and available if needed.

Step 2.

Once you have a UUID, you may register for either an Initial Test or a Retest using the options

Click here for HSE Test Registration    Click here for HSE Testing Schedule

Step 3.

Become familiar with the test by practicing using the online Tools Training provided by TASC    TASC Online Tools Training

Testing Center Procedures

Eligibility for High School Equivalency Testing

Special Accomodations - HS Equivalency Test

Qualified candidates may access the following online resources to download accommodation forms:

Forms for High School Equivalency Testing

Bring on Test Day

Additional information regarding   Acceptable Forms of Identification


Cape May County Technical School Adult & Continuing Education Office
Room # 145
(609) 380 - 0200 Ext. 648

Access to Official Records and Official Transcript

All transcripts and records can be accessed through the State of New Jersey Department of Education’s Adult Education Office

The Cape May County Technical School District does not have access to any examinee’s official documentation.