Q. Who is eligible?

A. Any student of the Cape May County Technical High School. Incoming students are eligible on July 1st. A SBYS Program Consent Form is REQUIRED for any teen receiving services or participating in any activity. A parent/guardian consent form is valid until graduation. Specific permission slips are also required for the various trips.

» Program Consent Form

Q. How do I get a Permission Slip for a trip?

A. See our calender or any SBYS staff member

Q. Is there a cost?

A. There is no charge for individual, family, or group counseling. Most trips are free. There will be a fee for some recreational trips such as the ski and snowboard trips.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. You may call, e-mail, or walk in! Referrals may be formal, informal, or anonymous. Referrals may come from family members, teachers, school staff, the nurse, or from other students. Students can walk in themselves and request to see a counselor. In order to help us stay organized and make sure that we follow up appropriately, we ask that you use our referral form when requesting that we meet with a student.

» Referral Form

Q. How does SBYS receive funding?

A. SBYS - School Based Youth Services operates on an annual contract with funding coming from the Department of Children and Families. As part of a new state mandate, we have been asked to gather ongoing evidence regarding the effectiveness of the SBYS programs across the state. Our contracts requires us to ask students to participate in a pre and post test using Rosenberg's Self Esteem Scale. In order to help us fulfill this part of our contract, it is necessary for us to obtain consent to have your student complete the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale.

» Rosenberg Consent Form

» Rosenberg's Self Esteem Scale