Spanish 1

This is an introductory course designed to teach students basic vocabulary, conversation, reading and writing skills. The course will cover the present and past tenses of verbs, both regular and irregular. The students will also learn about the Hispanic culture, through the "Lectura Cultural."

Spanish 2

This course will be open to students who have successfully completed Spanish I. During the year the students will learn more extensive vocabulary, the use of compound tenses of verbs, and will gain more insight into the Spanish culture. This course will emphasize Spanish conversation to the classroom.

Spanish 3

This course will be open to students who have successfully completed Spanish II. The course of study will continue to build on vocabulary, reading and writing. The students will read short fables and stories which will help them to understand the idiosyncrasies of Hispanic culture.

Spanish 4

This course will be open to students who have successfully completed Spanish III. The students will dedicate their time to oral critique of Spanish II, literary pieces and the history of Spain and Latin American countries. The students will have opportunities to interact with students in Spanish speaking countries via the technology available at the Cape May County Technical High School.

French 1

Students shall develop ability to communicate needs and express themselves on a basic level in French. Through study of geography and cultural comparisons, they shall become make connections with communities such as France and other Francophone speaking areas.

French 2

Based on everyday situations that occur in the home, at school and in the community, students will be able to communicate about past, current and future activities in French. Students will gain cultural understanding of French-speaking peoples abroad and in North America through comparisons.

French 3

Students shall continue to develop an increasing facility to communicate at an intermediate level in a variety of settings. They will study French art, history and literature.

French 4

As a continuation of French 3, the students will continue to converse and query in the French language on a daily basis. Increased emphasis is now placed on the basic mastery of the target language through complex instructional delivery. Conversational and project activities are now accomplished on an advanced level with the intent to accelerate the students’ acquisition of knowledge of the language and culture.

French 5

Students already entering the program with 1 full year of French at the elementary school level will be placed in French 2 and be eligible to take French 5 in their Senior year. Language emphasis is placed on accent perfection, literary readings and discussions, and extensive conversation. Continued exploration of French art and history will occur.

American Sign Language

The study of American Sign Language (ASL) to gain proficiency in ASL communication skills to include comprehension skills, conversational skills, cultural awareness, grammatical features and vocabulary development.