Positive Office Referrals

Cape May County Technical High School is excited to begin a school wide implementation of Positive Office Referrals. The Positive Office Referrals program is part of a school-wide initiative to shift focus towards rewarding positive actions, and teaching replacement behavior. Teachers and staff may refer any student. Students may be referred for any number of reasons, some of the nominees could be referred for attributes that include, but are not limited to: attitude, citizenship, hard work, honesty, respect, responsibility, self-control, and teamwork.

Students are recognized for their actions by administration, and guardians are notified via mail. So far, we have been greeted with great success and have received positive feedback from students, teachers, and guardians alike. We are happy to share this initiative as we strive to recognize the importance of student’s success in all areas - academically, behaviorally, socially and otherwise!