Lab School Program Guide & Application

The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) is designed for high school and adult students pursuing professions involving the care of young children. Experiences working with pre-school children under the direct supervision of certified teachers are provided.

The ECDC welcomes the children of staff, students, county employees and other families who wish to apply. The program is designed to meet the needs of children and their families. We believe: parents are a vital asset in promoting the development of their child; it is important for the child to have a balanced curriculum encompassing the whole child; the child should be provided with a safe, positive, accepting atmosphere that promotes his/her natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Designed in a lab school setting, the ECDC introduces children to a balanced program of interaction with friends in both teacher-directed and child-directed experiences. The daily schedule includes a wide range of free choice activities, both large and small group activities, and indoor/outdoor play. Centers within the classroom include, but are not limited to, woodworking, blocks, dramatic play, dollhouse, sensorial, sand/water play, language arts and math, practical life and art center, the easel, library, Lego table, manipulative hands-on area, science, pre-writing, and computer center. Throughout the school year, children of the ECDC interact with high school students in education programs across a range of careers, and with our community partners, adding real-world experiential learning.