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Lunchtime Cafeteria Software Instructions

You can Now Create an Account for your students at Cape May Technical High School. Follow the steps below to create your Account. Once you create your account you can Add Students, Make a Credit/Debit Card Deposit, View/Set Reminders and see all the transactions that your student is purchasing. You do not need to make a deposit to be able to see the transactions.

PDF version of instructions for printing      School Lunch Menu

Step 1.

Start here then follow the instructions below.

Step 2.

Click - CREATE ACCOUNT   (If you already have an account, click PARENT LOGIN)
    A.   Fill in your information

Step 3.


Step 4.

Enter E-mail address and Password you created in Step 2

Step 5.


Step 6.

Enter Zip Code 08210 then click CONTINUE

Step 7.

Select the school your student attends

Step 8.

Enter students Last Name and Student ID then click CONTINUE

Step 9.

Click - ADD STUDENT next to your students name

Fee Stucture

Credit Card Paymetns (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)

2.3% + $1.00 per transaction

Check Payment

$1.00 per transaction


Parent?Guardian Deposits $50

Credit Card Payment: The parent/guardian would be charged $50 that is deposited to the district bank account as well as a $2.15 convenience fee paid to us to cover the fee processing expenses.