Student Dress Code

Identification Cards: Each student is issued an identification card and lanyard for use in school and at the County Libraries. The ID card must be worn on campus at all times during the school day. Failure to wear ID lanyard will result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges.

Student Dress: Students must be dressed appropriately according to board approved standards. Students are permitted to express individual taste while maintaining personal responsibility for their attire. Clothes must be neat and clean.

  • Clothing displaying obscene, vulgar or offensive words or graphics is strictly prohibited.
  • Hats or other head attire may not be worn in the building, such attire may be confiscated.
  • Footgear must be worn at all times.
  • Shorts are prohibited in some shops. Cover-ups are permitted in these shops.
  • All shirts must have sleeves and may not be revealing.
         The bottom of the top garment must meet or overlap the top of the bottom garment.
  • Overly short dresses or shorts are inappropriate. Overly baggy pants may also be restricted due
          to safety issues.
  • Clothing may not be soiled, torn, ripped, damaged or deteriorated.
  • Clothing should be worn appropriately. No exposure of under garments is permitted.
  • Disciplinary procedures generally are:
    • verbal warning, first offense
    • parent called to deliver appropriate attire
    • discipline infraction

Parents and students are encouraged to use good judgment in choosing clothing for school. Students in violation will be required to arrange for appropriate clothing before they are permitted back in class.

Facial and body piercing: These present a health and safety hazard in a school/work setting. Visible piercings on the face or body are prohibited. Ear piercing must be removed for Physical Education class and for Technical classes in which the jewelry presents a safety hazard.