Course Description:

Students will learn the basics of financial literacy and banking in this course while identifying applications leading to their financial success. Topics covered include setting goals and developing a plan to achieve success, revisiting to revise, examining banks and banking to determine the value of time to money, credit comparing borrowing options, risks, rewards, online banking, keeping it all safe and connections of education to career choices. The topics are connected with career classes to increase relevancy. Each unit has individual research, virtual group discussions and concludes with a project.

Course Objective:

Students in this course will be able to:

  • Develop SMART Goals Planning for Personal Success
  • Compare savings and investment options
  • Explain the risks, rewards and benefits
  • Explain how to manage credit wisely
  • Identify factors that affect earning potential and financial planning

Course Requirements:

The course is delivered as a hybrid; it is a blend of traditional face-to-face class sessions and online instruction. Students are required to enter their courseroom, interact and complete all assignments. Participation online is something which can be viewed, submitting assignments, asking questions and interacting in the discussions. Students are required to participate in online discussions posting initial responses followed by reviewing and replying to classmates. They should review the unit overview which outlines the specific expectations for the unit and use the overview to record progress. All sections must be completed with end of unit projects.

  • All school rules apply when interacting in the online classroom.

Criteria for Assessing Student Performance:

  • 20% Discussion
  • 80% Financial Portfolio
    • Plan to Succeed
    • Investment Research Paper
    • Charge comparison
    • Personal Credit Procedure plan
    • The Future Project

Textbooks, Related Readings:

The students research to locate relevant resources to support their applications.