Course Description:

The Cape May County Technical High School is a member of the Virtual High School (VHS) expanding the school boundaries well beyond the geographic location. Virtual High School Online classes can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Participants are assigned to attend a class period onsite to access the class and learn to transition to the online environment.

Over 200 courses are available to our learners to enhance their educational experience. A complete list of the courses currently offered is available online at:  

Course Objective:

Students in this course will be taught:

  • File management and technology skills to interact in the online environment
  • How to submit assignments
  • How to post initial responses and replies in the discussion threads
  • How to communicate posting private threads and questions about assignments
  • Where/how to seek assistance in an online course room
  • How to navigate the course room

Course Requirements:

Students are required to maintain a notebook including: VHS calendars, course syllabus and weekly overviews documenting assignment completion dates. Electronic files are created, retrieved and used to submit course work. Students are required to enter their course room, interact and complete all assignments received from the offsite VHS content area teacher.

Criteria for Assessing Student Performance:

  • 30% Onsite class participation and organization
  • 70% VHS Online Learning assignment completion

Textbooks, Related Readings:

Each Online course has a media kit supplied by the offsite teacher. Media Kit contents are included in the VHS course syllabus.