Carpentry and Property Management is a three-year course of study. As a student progresses through each year, the student has the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and beliefs needed to successfully pursue career and college pathways. Students in this program will learn the skills required to build and repair residential structures with a focus on new construction materials, techniques, construction codes, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, masonry and carpentry.

Successful students in this program should have a solid grasp of math basics as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. Good eye-hand coordination and the ability to interpret two dimensional representations into real life (three dimensional) applications are critical. Candidates should be detail oriented and able to work in a team situation.

Strong basic math skills are necessary with a focus on arithmetic calculations, Geometry, and some basic Algebra. Language Arts skills in vocabulary and communication as well as the ability to read documents, write reports, and communicate with customers are an integral part of the program.

Students will build framing projects, install roofing and siding, wire residential circuits, install water and drain lines, pour and finish concrete, troubleshoot repair issues, and work on “live” projects around the campus as they become available. Students are encouraged to take on projects at home whenever possible.

Students will learn to safely use modern, state-of-the-art, hand and power tools commonly found on construction sites. These will include pneumatic nail guns, corded and cordless power tools, laser levels, as well as time tested “tools of the trade”. Students will have the opportunity to earn industry related credentialing and certificates.

Graduates may find employment as framers, roofers, siding installers, finish carpenters, property maintenance carpenters, deck builders, drywall installers and finishers, painters, property management, building supply salespersons, concrete finishers, construction laborers, as well as continue in post-secondary education.

  • Course Name: Carpentry & Property Management
  • Course Length: 3 Year Program
  • Course Department: CTE - Career Technical Education

Course Syllabus