Communication Arts Technology is a three-year program of study in all aspects of television digital production including field production, studio production, graphics for television, videography, lighting, still digital photography, audio editing, post-production, script development, television delivery systems and multi-media applications.

With a strong academic foundation, the program emphasizes a wide-range of hands-on real world production skills. Students work to industry standards with state-of-the-art equipment for television production and related practical applications in a television facility. Students work in electronic field production (EFP), electronic news gathering (ENG), field remotes, as well as live studio and pre-recorded studio productions.

Production of video segments is emphasized using television field production techniques, studio applications, and post-production design principles in cutting edge digital technology. Students actively participate in the practical skills in television sound production and lighting, to include sound recording and editing, postproduction mixing, lighting design using field and studio instruments, special effects, color correction and additive gels. Graphics applications include basic skills in motion graphics: color, form, typography, design and movement of design elements with emphasis on design principles and incorporating multimedia components.

Students work with a variety of software using standard accepted broadcast script formats. Students develop treatments, storyboards and full scripts for a variety of program types for radio, television and film throughout the program. Student projects culminate in any combination of community service, Internet distribution, closed-circuit transmission campuswide and cablecasting as well as local, state and national competitions.

Skills USA competitors in CAT have won a national Gold Medal, two NJ State Gold Medals, two Silver Medals and five Bronze Medals. Additionally, the students have earned local and New Jersey state recognition for community service projects dedicated to providing a public service while advancing production efforts. Awards include a national Arts & Entertainment grand prize, and the naming of a New Jersey Council of County Vocational Technical Schools Graduate of the Year recognition.

Graduates have continued their post-secondary studies at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Temple University, Rutgers University, Antonelli School of Art, Oswego State, SUNY Purchase University, Stockton College, Rowan University, Frances Cabrini College, Monmouth University, Kean College, Cumberland County College and Atlantic Cape Community College.

Graduates have received scholarships and awards from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Temple University, Boston College, Rowan University, Widener, STARS and admissions to the New Jersey Governor’s School. Students have become communications specialists in the United States Army, the United States Navy, and the United States Coast Guard. Graduates are employed with the Atlantic City industry, NBC Channel 40 in Linwood and the Game Show Channel in New York, local media and promotions companies, as well as multiple freelance opportunities. A number of graduates have also selected a career track in education, majoring in English.

  • Course Name: Communication Arts
  • Course Length: 3 Year Program
  • Course Department: CTE - Career Technical Education

Course Syllabus