This course is designed to prepare students for the N.J. State Cosmetology/Hairstyling License and a professional career in cosmetology or one of its related areas and focuses on hair, skin and nail care for men and women.

Topics of study include safety issues and practices, professional image, sanitation, hair and scalp care, hair shaping and barbering skills, wet hairstyling, thermal styling, chemical applications, manicuring, pedicuring, nail tech services, skin care, facials and make-up application, superfluous hair removal, salon business and related sciences.

The related sciences include bacteriology, cosmetic chemistry, basic anatomy and physiology, and studies of the structure, diseases and disorders associated with the hair, skin and nails. Students spend a portion of each day learning the theoretical or technical skills required. A typical theory class may include lecture, demonstration, video presentation, or independent study.

Students practice many of the practical skill applications on mannequins at first and as their skills progress, they sometimes use each other as models. After completing 600 hours and obtaining a Student Permit License from the state, students will work on clients who make appointments in our school salon. Students will be expected to use the Internet and word processing to complete special interest projects and they will use specified cosmetology computer software to support the curriculum objectives.

  • Course Name: Cosmetology
  • Course Length: 3 Year Program
  • Course Department: CTE - Career Technical Education

Course Syllabus