The Early Childhood program prepares students for careers in early childhood education and teaching. Students learn the physical, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of young children plus techniques to guide young children and create a safe, healthy learning environment. The program prepares individuals to be primary providers of home, family, residential, or institutional-based child care services. Includes instruction in child growth and development, nutrition, recreation, planning and supervision of play and learning activities, child abuse and neglect prevention, parent-child relationships, and applicable legal and administrative requirements. Students in this course will be taught how to prepare for a career in the Early Childhood field and for advancement to higher education.

Students develop and prepare classroom lesson plans and learning experiences while working with the lab school children enrolled in the early childhood center housed in the district.

Students participate in job shadowing at area preschools and seniors are eligible for paid work experience through the Cooperative Industrial Education program. They also prepare for the Child Development Associate Assessment, a credential that allows the student to be a group teacher in a preschool in New Jersey as well as most other states and earn college credits through area colleges.

  • Course Name: Early Childhood Development
  • Course Length: 3 Year Program
  • Course Department: CTE - Career Technical Education

Course Syllabus